Search basics in Refinder

Search is one the most used features in Refinder. Let´s take some time to have a closer look at the basics of searching and finding things.

As with most search engines, you can search for any single word (search term), or search for phrases, which are groups of words surrounded by double quotes such as "social media" or "social media marketing".
Use the "*" symbol as a wildcard for single or multiple characters. A search for "visual*" will return a found set including occurences of e.g. "visualisation" or "visualization" or "visualisazzione".
Furthermore Refinder lets you employ certain search operators like "AND", "OR", "NOT" between two search terms.  The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. This is by the way the default conjunction operator, so if you just type two words into the searchbox, Refinder assumes an OR between them. The AND operator matches documents where both terms exist anywhere in the text of a single document. The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT.
Refinder offers you a couple of further ways to deal with your search results, specifically through the "Sorting" and "Filtering" options (find them in the Options area on the right side of the Refinder page).
The default sort order within the found set is "by Relevance" - Refinder puts those things first, which it believes to be the most relevant ones.
Sorting "by Label" reorders your found set alphabetically. 
If you have applied ratings to your things, the "Sort by Rating" option displays the found set with the highest rated things first.
When sorted "by Type", Refinder shows the bookmarked things first, followed by emails and all the other thing-types in alphabetical order.
Another very effective way to finetune a larger found set is the "Filtering by Type" option. Choose e.g. "Email" in the "Filter by Type" section of the Refinder Options. Refinder narrows down the found set of things to only those of type email and containing the searched term or the the searched phrase.  In similar way you can filter for Topics or Persons or Notes.  
Last not least combine filtering with sorting to display your search results exactly the way you want.
Tell us about your search & find experience with Refinder and how you would like to see it improve over time.


It is possible to do what you intend. Just add a plus sign before each term that should appear in all search results, like so:

+refinder +features
This will limit the results to items that contain both words.

I'm not able to filter by typing "and". What I need is to filter a search by requiring a match of two terms, so that I only get results including items that contain both. That's what your post suggests should happen, but it doesn't appear to.