Refinder feature survey: Some interesting results

As announced, last week we did a study evaluating Refinders' current and planned features. The survey provided valuable insights to us and we want to thank all of you, who participated. In this blog post we would like to share some interesting results. 


How does it work? 

For the survey we applied the Kano model. Kano shows that not all attributes of a product or system are equal in the eyes of the customer. It allowed us to capture users' satisfaction and expectations related to the tested features and as a result we gained a list of "must-be" and "attractive" features summarized from users' perspective. 


Which features are most desirable?

Have a look at the graph below. In blue you see the coefficient expressing the level of satisfaction when the listed feature is implemented. On the other hand, marked in red, the average coefficient of dissatisfaction when the selected feature is not part of Refinder. For example, "establishing relations between things" is something users evaluate as very useful, but when missing in Refinder, they would have a negative attitude towards the system and wouldn't probably use it. 

Interesting to see is the positive attitude towards sorting and organizing things in specific collections - A group of e-mails, notes, files, websites, persons and appointments acquired to a topic, meeting or project. And furthermore affecting users' expectations is also the possibility to import items from Microsoft Outlook into Refinder and to import collected things from Refinder into other applications.




In 2 weeks we will release first new features and are looking forward to your feedback!