Refinder at Berlin Web Week and NEXT Berlin

We were in Berlin to connect to more people interested in Refinder. It was a blast, BerlinWebWeek is the overarching label across the great conferences re:publica, NEXTBerlin, and Heureka. Whoever is online in Europe was there.

First of all: thanks for voting for us! We were in the top 12 startups to present at NEXTBerlin and got connected to experienced people who shared great ideas how we can make Refinder better for you. Yes, we learned that there are many things we can do better. BerlinWebWeek attracted a crowd loving the free exchange of ideas on the web. They are using cloud apps for their purpuses, and we got a good feedback for Refinder.

We asked the question "what service are you missing in the cloud?"
80% of people answered along the lines of: something that lets me manage my work in the cloud better and integrates the many services.
...Bazinga for asking that question.

Guy on electric cord at #republicare:publica 2012

We learned that:

  • Refinder can be used by marketing folks needing a tool to work with clients - there were many people at republica who thought that.
  • The simpler technology gets the worm: squadmail won the NEXT competition! Their concept concentrates on one feature, which the venture guys in the jury immediately grasped. We gratulate Jan, Philipp, Benjamin, and all the others from the team: you rock! They make "squadmail, a dropbox for email", check it out. Great drinking beer with you and talking to you about hosting, APIs, and startups in general. 
  • Berlin is exploding right now with technology investment money, coworking spaces, teams, startups, customers, and all the galore buzz you need to turn creativity into something that makes the world a better place. We know that Steve Jobs and his folks also played around with counterculture and crazy things when things started rolling in California. Counterculture is definitive happening at Berlin and seeding the creative minds there. As is Vienna ;-)
  • re:publica is a place where many Semantic Web geeks and old friends of us meet. Score! Happy to see the Semantic Media Wiki (now wikidata) folks, Henry Story (the original maker of Yahoo babelfish and now FOAF-auth evangelist and good buddy), Sonja Bettel from ORF, ...

@ioerror and others about #anonymous at #republica@bblfish at #republica

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