Others are using Refinder to

How others are using Refinder

Listening to customers is always great. Naturally, we love our product and we have found good use for it. It rocks our internal company communication on a daily basis.

However ... what really matters is what you do with the cloud integrator Refinder. That is why we share with you some of the great stories that we have recently heard when listening to our users.

There's Max and Heiko from Germany. They told us that it has become good for them to give feedback and discuss Dropbox files. Once they connect a Dropbox folder with a collection in Refinder, new files are added automatically, and the file gets discussed via Refinder. "If you see 3 likes, you know you're doing well",  he laughed.

While Tobias from Bremen was a little overwhelmed at first with the extent of Refinder's  features, he adores the newsfeed idea the most. "In one place I can see well how the projects are developing". Moreover, being a programmer himself, he was not only interested in the semantic technology behind Refinder, but has started to manage his favorite sites through combining our bookmarklet tool and Chrome.

And finally, interesting feedback also came from Madeleine who has been a long-time Sharepoint user of 3 years. "I was skeptical about connecting all cloud apps into another tool, to be honest. But I appreciate the interaction that Refinder provides. And I can now better see where files have been put."

Of course we are proud to hear good feedback. We hope that not only will these inspirations allow you to get even more out of Refinder, we want to continue making your communication and team work clearer and simpler than ever before.

Do you have user storys you want to share with us? We would love to hear them!

Simply send them to marketing@gnowsis.com

- Chris Brand