App-ocalypse on Techcrunch

Sarah Perez from Techcrunch was right to complain about the state of the mobile apps world. We are getting to our limit when downloading more apps to our mobile phones. Most of these apps are not used regularly. Moreover, we cannot find the information we need.


“According to Flurry, the average consumer uses only 15 apps per week. That means that the majority of the apps installed on the phone are for occasional use.”
Source: Techcrunch

“In the meantime, users will begin to hit a stopping point with apps – a psychological barrier – not only due to the limited storage space on their phones, but also because they simply don’t have the mental capacity to deal with a phone that has some 500 or 1,000 apps installed.”
Source: Techcrunch

“Google, a company that built the world’s best web search engine, could surely do a better job of building an engine for searching the apps on our phones.”
Source: Techcrunch


Mobile analytics firm Flurry even adds the number of installed apps on every smartphone. 65 apps are downloaded on average. This number has been increasing. So no wonder that users start losing track of their apps and their content.


“The average user has 65 apps installed on his phone.”
Source: Flurry

Based upon PCmag's app download figures, the number of downloads has been increasing by 48% year on year since 2008.
Source: PCmag


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