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With Google Drive a further contender is entering the market for cloud-based storage. The appeal of carefree data custody and ubiquitous, multi-device access attracts consumers, not just for their private needs, but increasingly in their business roles. Services like Dropbox have lowered the "save-to-cloud" barrier dramatically. 

Meet Refinder at the NEXT Berlin Conference 8-9th May

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The Refinder team will be at the NEXT Berlin conference to spread the word about Refinder and to get feedback from the web community. The NEXT Berlin is the leading European conference for the digital industry. 

Google Goggles and Semantic Web

New Dashboard page enhances workplace awareness

In the hectic rush of day-to-day work, employees need constant awareness of what is going on across their workplace, projects or areas of interest. For Refinder, this meant to provide a central landing page  (, which furnishes quick access to a highly informative and insightful snapshot of ones momentous business activities.


"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail*" - this is what you will experience, when you rely on a single tool you are familiar with. Hitting e-nails is easier when you have more than a hammer.

Refinder presented at French Conference on Semantic Web

Refinder was presented on Wednesday at the developer's conference of "Ch’ti JUG" on the topic of semantic web technologies ("UML et Web Sémantique, quels liens, quels différences"), by speaker Ghalem Ouadjed. The conference, which was focused on semantic web technologies for java developers was hosted in Lille, France, and hosted more than 70 java experts from middle- and large-sized companies from France.

Refinder: the intelligent Dropbox-search

Vienna-based start-up Refinder is pimping Dropbox

Search your Dropbox

No reason to evangelize collaboration without taking a closer look at how people actually do their work. One of the outstanding facts of today´s digital workplace is, that it is increasingly tied up with cloud based applications.  What has started with consumer services years ago, has spilled over into the world of business. Services like Google Docs or Dropbox are runaway success stories and deeply entrenched in the minds of the digitally enabled workforce.

Dropbox feature added for Refinder

Dear users of Refinder,

we are very excited to announce to you the release of our newest feature: Refinder is now finally able to integrate your Dropbox account into your Refinder account.

Wiener Start-Up Refinder “pimpt” beliebtes Netzwerk-Dateisystem

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