Reading the crystal ball for 2012

Exhausted from culinary extravaganza and exuberant festivity, I'm starting the year with a worthwhile collation of some of the predictions for "Social Business in 2012", which  I stumbled across during my post-xmas recovery reading:

Content curation strategies in Refinder: Relating

Probably I´m a bit of an information junkie. At least it might appear so, as my Refinder account activity, which I check occasionally from the Dashboard page, exhibits a conglomerate of  8.949 Things, which I have aggregated in Refinder since I subscribed a year ago. And as Refinder turns more and more into a cross-platform tool, which adds integration and collaboration capabilities with connected business apps and online services, the volume of Things piling up in my account is rapidly growing. 

Getting your account setup right - Part 3

The final installment of "Getting your Account setup right" takes a look into two sections of the Refinder Account settings, Online Services and Recommender Services, which offer you powerful tools to connect Refinder with external content sources.

How we used Refinder for the redesign of Refinder

Designing a website typically involves a diverse set of stakeholders. The process between kick-off and launch is heavy on tasks like ideation, analysis, communication, opinion forming, discussion and decision making. We went through this process while redesigning the Refinder application. But on top, we used Refinder as the collaborative environment and communication platform to support the Refinder redesign project.

Socialize your findings!

Socialize your findings!

Chances are high that you have some tool to remember the things you stumble upon, be it blog posts, tweets, news articles, infographics, and more. Having such a tool gives you the confidence that you will be able to retrieve interesting items later when you need to get back to them.

Getting your account setup right - Part 2

A few days ago I started posting about Refinders account setup.
Here is part 2 and it´s probably a bit more juicy, as I´m going to cover the optional connectors of Refinder.

Under "Download Connectors" on the Account Settings page, two separate pieces of software, the Refinder Outlook Connector and the the Refinder URL Handler are currently offered, which, once downloaded to your PC, greatly enhance the scope of Refinder.

Getting your account setup right - Part 1

Hood Ornaments_4 by HoskingIndustries, on Flickr

Maybe it has been a while since you dealt the last time with your Refinder account settings. So it might be worth to have a look what has changed under the hood and to check out, how these changes enhance your Refinder experience. This post is the first of a three piece series aiming to evolve you from mystery to mastery of your account settings.

Two pieces of information from last weeks news feeds point towards some accelerated change in the social enterprise applications market.

Overview: Collaborative work in Refinder

screencast collaborative work

When your team collects information for a project, you can get a good overview by using Refinder. Did you often experience chaotic collaboration when everyone sends emails about new information? Collections make it easy to collaboratively search information and find the right answers. This screencast shows what steps you can take to get started: how you can use semantic recommendations, search, and our web bookmarklet to collect information and share it with coworkers.

Chief Executive Thierry Breton realised that the 40 year old email system at place today is not the adequate tool for the staff of his 75.000 staff at Atos SA and plans to ban internal email within 18 months, upgrading it to a social software (like Refinder).

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