Innowise Trend Report 2009 - Semantic Desktop amongst 5 top trends

The German research and consulting company innowise published thereport "Trends in Semantic Web" (in German language). It sums up the results of 200 European research projects and shows possible use cases of deployed semantic web technology.

  1. Integration of semantic technologies in knoweldge management systems
  2. Semantic interoperability
  3. Semantic enterprise
  4. Semantic desktop
  5. Natural language in knowledge systems

They identified well, that the semantic desktop is an essential building block of future systems, and expect that "working products" are ready by 2015. We hope to top that by shipping a first version of in 2010 and Sebastian Trüg already made the semantic desktop a part of KDE Linux in 2007, so the report is not always accurate ;-) Also, they mention the term "semantic wiki" more than once, which we can only support: the old project was the first semantic wiki back then, we knew that you are going to need it. You can request the report on the innowise homepage or view it online here on slideshare.